$NVAX Will the PR about the completion of enrollment for PREVENT-19 Phase III trial be of sufficient weight to overcome the anticipated (by me anyway) effect of S&P500 futures dragging SPY lower on this 7:41 EST snapshot? sgxniftydowfutureslive.com/.... I think no - NVAX likely to see some weakness today? If you follow the link, overtype the US30 upper left of chart with US500 and select futures from the drop-down menu. Bloomberg is noting a relatively big jump in yields (meaning lower bond/treasury prices), which suggests "risk on" BUT which could ultimately draw SOME segments out of the TINA (There Is No Alternative) trade in equities. Folks entered that in search for SOME kind of return on money in spite of the "Financial Repression" engendered by near-zero interest rates to "savers" and folks needing a fixed income stream (e.g. retirees) with "safe" instruments. We'll see which way NVAX goes I guess.