$VFF Did some digging in Canada black market to see how CBD tincture pricing compares and it look like PSF is crushing the black market options and its not even close. On numerous sites in Canada, the tinctures with 250-500mg CBD are more expensive than the one PSF just launched with ~900mg of CBD, so basically I can get the same amount of CBD from PSF for half the price, and its 100% legal and more convenient than black market sites. This pic attached is a site ive seen on instagram, for 1000mg tincture $100 vs. PSF 900mg for $34. The big question is whether PSF is making good margins here, or are they simply just trying to be a leader in this CBD category with thin margins ??
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@Harpua29 nice work, I also wonder if PSF will make any money on these. I trust their plan though, to win this price war they started :) Grizzle didnt even credit them for it, saying they can be victim to it, uhm I think they started it.... lol. Sorry to bring up that dumb article again.