@herecomes2017 @rottyguy @Justwantgainz @thepotguy @basebalpro @TheSwampThis guy can't do basic math, so do you blame for being this dumb? Look at this post from Nov13th, where he claims ACB has gone down less than VFF off its highs, and somehow VFF went down 400%? Umm, how do you go down more than 100% on a stock???? If VFF went to zero today it we be a 100% decline. MATH!!!!! And to think ACB went down less??? Forget the 12-1 split, lol. VFF's ATH was 18.10, ACB's was 150.3, given VFF is now 7.87 and ACB 7.03 , thats -95% decline for ACB and-56% for VFF. Now YTD VFF is up 26,3% , ACB down -72.9%. 6month is even scarier, vff up 253%, acb down -11.5%, how can you be down from the corona lows, nearly every stock is up from mid march???? You might want to learn math first then focus on how to invest. (MIC DROP)
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