$KZIA @Blinky124 .You need to do your homework. Go look and see when there have been offerings the amount of dilution caused to shareholders. If your just finding out KZIA is a start up then again you should have done your homework. Start up do offerings. How else are they suppose to get money. You can not shit it, grow on a money tree or fall from the sky. When you see it is a start up you should know they will or may do offerings. On top of that all offerings are not bad.
@Blinky124 @djcal he hasnt done his work, cause he failed to reference a single data point on cash burn to justify why the company would need an offering, nor the 11 million simcere deal that gets added to the 19.7MM at last report. I pulled the cash balance direct from the 4C below. Please show me how your math makes sense that they would need an offering, ill listen but you have said anything of substance using data. Back it up with facts, dont just say i've read a balance sheet. A balance sheet doesnt even tell you the cashflows of the business, so its an incomplete picture. Have you reviewed the statement of cashflows, etc. Come on man, this is amateur hour. I was open to hearing your opinion, you simply regurgitate the same "i read the balance sheet" nonsense. Bring your A game, not you C- game
@Blinky124 @djcal also more details on the cash runway from Bell Potter's analyst report in May . Its july now, so thats 16-22 months runway for cash , and I am still waiting on a single data point from Blinky other than "i read the balance sheets" or " i did my homework" I actually shared the balance sheet, and provided analyst report to also provide some color to the cash situation. Please step up your game, we see right through this FUD attempt, and it was very weak.