$CATB I hear what your saying and get the math however, if the investors/financiers have the per/share 3.30 buy in, why would they buy/finance at 2.04 per/share value? Maybe my information is not accurate?
$CATB Alright so I’ll give some insight on this to save you all some pain and suffering. I bought this at $1.5 considering it had $2.5 in cash per share months ago and sold it for $6 when news came out about financing. It reached a high of $8 due to volume and hype but once the details came out about the financing it dropped and continued to drop. It’s not worth it anymore, it won’t go to that price point. The reason being is the institutional investors will be able to convey 7600 restricted shares to 76 million common shares upon the vote that’s happening soon. That coupled with the current 20 million common shares will create 96 million shares. At a price point of $2.04 this would mean a market cap of $200 million give or take. It’s cash position after financing fees, previous cash and cash burn rate is about $130 million so it’s bit overvalued. In fact this has the potential to go to near $1 again. Considering the market there are much better deals out there like APRE and ASMB.
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