$PHAS Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is a progressive disease. It has 14 approved medications, three biologic families for the treatment (to manage the condition not to cure) of PH. PB1046 (VIP) is developed as newest group of the treatment aiming to cure PH! Isn’t this too BOLD? PB1046 has two P2 trials ongoing, NCT03556020 ‪ends Jan 31, 2020‬. Expect result by end of March. NCT03795428 is long term extension of previous study. I also found they have difficulties recruiting patients and lately added more study sites. $PHAS is aiming PB1046 (Or other VIP as they learned lot from PB1023/PB0139) for multiple indication in the future. VIP supposed to be the main pillar of $PHAS. Clay has spent majority of his time and money on VIP since day one. A positive outcome of NCT03795428 would make $PHAS next $AXSM. Earlier I wrote on PB2452 (Data out any time and I know already!). SFJ is not a charity. They are here to make money, lot of money. Rest is yours!
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