$OTLK One of you mentioned taking money from their credit card to buy stock, let me tell you a funny story about taking money out of my credit card. Years ago I took $20K out of my credit card, bought stock, two months later I sold the stock for $32K, making a nice $12K profit. The 3% cash advance charge plus two months interest came to $800, so in the end I cleared $11,200. I told my wife what I did, she got mad because I spent the $800, I explained it was the cost of doing business to make the $11,200. She told her girl friends at work, and they agreed with her. Needless to say I never got through to her, so I decided I could not live with such stupidity, so I divorced her. Today she is working a menial job just getting by, I am now retired, I have three cars, a home in the Midwest, and a condo in Florida. So in the end taking the money out of my credit card was the best thing I ever did.
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