$XXII There has been so much ambivalence in this stock, mostly due to the unpredictability of government decisions. I want to sell, but it has a bright future. My timing was horrible, I first bought 4 years ago, and a lesson learned. But it will hurt me to see my fellow holders sell simply because of newcome bashers who are profiting off your uncertainty. Having said that, I have followed the progress of this stock closely and let me share with you why it WILL get accepted. not hyperbole. no yelling of a $200 PPS. Pure facts. the FDA just granted 4 Modified Risk Orders to Philip Morris just a couple weeks ago. In exploring their applications, the "technical lead" who decides largely if it is accepted is a man named "Benjamin J. Apelberg, Ph.D." - Director of Divison of Population Health Science at FDA. A quick google search of studies done by this individual, in efforts of trying to predict what his decision will be on XXII... CONTINUED IN COMMENTS... TOO LONG TO POST IN ONE.
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