$TSLA Autonomous tech licensing is the massive market opportunity here that bears simply don’t see in their forward looking valuations. Logistics companies driving billions of highway miles annually. Even with the current state of autonomous tech, instead of a driver driving those miles, in version 1 we have logistics companies with a TSLA fleet and TSLA software using human drivers to bring their trucks to stops near highway onramps, then autonomous takes over, drives 400 highway miles and exits the highway where another human driver takes it the last mile to the final in-town destination to complete the delivery. We don’t need to solve the complex city driving challenge to monetize this. Let’s do the math. 3.5m US truck drivers expected to each drive 125k miles per yr = 437 billion human miles driven. If 75% are autonomous miles, the other is $21 cost per mile for a human drive (based on a $30 hourly wage at 70mph highway driving). That’s a roughly 6 Trillion problem to solve for.
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