$KTOV I have been firmly in the BO corner. I believe the DD has been correct and all of it points circumstantially toward BO. By LLY. This month very likely. For $1.07B. But yesterday’s DD and seemingly the wider swath of NT-219 effectiveness - different cancers, Alzheimer’s, et al. - has me reconsidering if that valuation of the BO at $1.07B is too low. Far too low. I have to be careful of ownership bias. Humans tend to overvalue what we own and believe it’s worth more than it might be worth. And I have to temper this as pre-clinical / Phase 1 — so there is still considerable risk ahead. But in this case, if the current PR from Kitov and the DD of yesterday are true — that there is a much wider and effective application of NT-219, then $1.07B is vastly undervaluing this bolt-on wonder drug.
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