$ES_F Get the F outta here
Another day, another win #hotstreak. $9486 profit. 80% profitable, 132 contracts in two weeks, zero losing days. ~158% gain on the #smallaccountchallenge using only DTP's algo (beta testing) and our yellow line (3379.5) calculations. YL rejection after an hourly chart megaphone historically has been 50-100 point moves. If there is a loss of 336.5 (hedge pressure) on SPY, ES can tap 3335.50 in a few days. YL needs to be re-obtained by Monday, or else... Fancy charts are fancy charts. I guarantee no matter how sweet, nice, helpful someone is here, their spreadsheet is not a trade -- it's a lie. Bernie Madoff was also a sweet guy to everyone for years. So ask yourself as a consumer, where do you see value? In lies/promises/claims? Or in cold hard cash and physical proof? Don't be a fool. Join the #revolution. Demand proof from every educator. We are the example everyone should be like. $ES_F $YM_F $NQ_F $SPY $CL_F
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