$ADXS I'm sure most of you are aware that the ST community includes roving bands of Pump and Dump artists who temporarily hold hundreds of thousands of shares in X or Y company's stock. By temporarily, I mean a few minutes to a few hours . . . rarely a day or two. You've seen it hundreds of times . . . quick spikes followed by equally quick dumps, all orchestrated in stock chat rooms under the auspices of "alerts, picks, calls," etc. Not all fit the bill, but you've seen it. If enough people buy (or sell) in a close sequence, the stock reacts accordingly (you'll know their work because they hit "low float" stocks primarily - where volume makes the most difference). As you also know, this is how "bag holders" are created. Many times they are finished by the time you get an alert. Trade smart. Read PRs, look for reasons, look for earlier volume, etc. P&D-created FOMO is a responsible for much trouble.
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