$TSLA $AAPL $MSFT $NIO $IDEX $FCE Rehashing to all my followers ... All my trades are pure luck but with years of experience. I mainly trade call leaps OTM though occasionally will play shorts for entertainment. Everything I write is up/open for debate, therefore do your DD and draw your own high-conviction with confidence. As you can see from my bio page, I’m following no one instead I lead. Secret sauce are the ***LEAPS*** trust me. Believing someone you don’t know personally especially from social media doesn’t happen overnight, takes time. That’s why I post pics of my portfolio to instill facts that I’m not bs’ing. No better proof than that. 😉 code name “🤴of call leaps OTM...mil minters” 😉 ‘Buy leaps instead of short term’ all it takes one position to hit jackpot whereas shorts nickel and diming with all that stress. “Always fact check someone’s DD and draw your own high-conviction with confidence” “Why day traders can make big returns, but aren’t Millionaires”
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