$XSPA I know a lot of people are probably stuck here. So I'll give you a tip. $XSPA is making a “progression” of knocking out the moving averages. On the first spike to the left, it had to break through the 20 day EMA first (the orange line) before getting a rejection. After breaking the 20 day EMA, we progress to break the 50 day EMA (the purple line) before getting rejected again. So guess what’s next?? We will progress to break the 200 day EMA (the yellow line). That’s when you get the break out. So you should have loaded up at the 20 day EMA (orange line), which is long term support, for the breakout towards the next moving average which is the 200 day EMA (the yellow line). It’s a progression. At a glance, $10-$15 is solid intermediate/long-term PT to have. #XSPA is now out of the buy zone, since my original post, and should continue to push higher.
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