$CLOV Straight up lovin how people connect and work together. Something we miss in our day to day human lives. Nowadays it’s all who can I step on instead of working together regardless of who and where you’re from. Clear example, you got the $AMC bulls shorting this stock and bashing it. Why because it took their steam? Shiit I bought at 14 bills. Held even when we hit 5. Apes should help Apes point blank. And if your salty that others can afford buying multiple stocks that make runs then DEAL with it. Ridiculous to see all these AMC people bashing, shorting, and spreading lies. You expected people to believe CLOV has 4 employees. The fuck out of here. Whenever anyone posts anything negative or there’s a small sell off you all start crying like a bunch of sensitive sissys. You wanna win? Then help others win. Period. Karma is real and a lot of times 10x worse. We are PRIVILEGED to be able to invest just remember that. Good luck to all and let’s help each other win.