$IDEX Been a huge advocate of IDEX, but sorry guys. I'm out. I don't short stocks and won't short this, but these figures just don't add up. I wish all my fellow bulls the best, but I think you are better off pulling out and putting your money elsewhere. 2-4% on Taxi's and 6-8% on trucks. $20,000 per taxi = $800 per sale. Lets say $150,000 per truck = $10,000 per sale. = $250,000 + $150,000. $400,000. So, lets give them bonus points for September. ($200,000 per month, magic $600,000 for September). That is $1m for the quarter at best. $4m per year. Sorry, but it's just no where near good enough at this point. I'm all for their business plan, but to get numbers that make sense you're going to be in this for a long time. Fingers crossed they announce something this afternoon, but that's it from me (unless anything drastic changes).
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