$BOXL Last post for the day. We did pretty well today. While I am a bit disappointed that we couldn't break that share wall at $3 and hold it, it probably is coming soon. All of my momentum and trend indicators are supporting an upwards move. Today was the highest volume day seen in 7months. I think we need to take the little wins here. While I would love to wake up tomorrow and see that this has gapped up over $3 and it rips to $20 by EOW for 1000% gains, I don't think that is going to happen. Let's keep level headed here and aim for holding $2.75-2.80 by the EOW with some solid consolidation at these levels to create a good higher low on the daily. This will confirm a beginning trend on the weekly chart and a nice jumping off point to smash that $3 wall and stay there. If these levels don't hold, I could see it heading back down to $2.50 for the 50% Fibonacci line on the Weekly. Unfortunately, that $3 is a strong baggie resistance line and it smacked us but good today.