$ABCL it has obviously nothing to do with the company, it’s the market taking a dump. Fundamentals haven’t changed, quite the opposite in my opinion. A market cap of $2.8B with almost $1B in cash in the bank (including bam sales) and the projected growth (doubling every year for the next foreseeable future, 1000 programs in 2030, acquisitions they have made and will make to broaden their offering and capabilities, GMP facility etc.) is just ridiculous. Combine growth stock and bio in these market conditions and you have what’s happening here. It’s as irrational as the IPO ($16B on the first day of trading). $ABCL has cash, they don’t have to raise a dollar in the next couple years (especially with some sales from covid mAbs), they are in a great position to overcome short term turbulences. Everything points towards growth, patience is required here.