• @Costa3 won't happen. CCP funded Tesla to be there. Also they need a company to steal from.
  • @sambal @Costa3 yup that's how CCP gets everything. Its almost like authoritarian regimes hinder progress and innovation. That is why their tech sucks balls and they will never catch the west until they break the chains of the CCP
  • @sambal @Costa3 They funded Tesla in order to place their agents in strategic positions to still Tesla’s technology. They got what they need now with NIO, LI and others. They are about to start treating Tesla like trash. Tesla is either force to leave for “National Security” reason or force to grant percentage owner of the China based unit to the government. The problem for China just started. Also, wait until India get their EV house in order. We/I went thru this with IT. Once the Indians master IT most of the jobs that could be outsourced were outsourced to India and now most IT companies are managed NAKD owned by Indians. China is a beast.
  • @Herakles3116 ok, yes, I've imagined it. It's not hard to imagine, it's exactly what I did, buy Nio. And it has made me a lot of money and I'm patiently waiting for more. What's your point? Lol you live in fear, I'll make money.
  • @Herakles3116 listen America became what it is thanks for maybe 3 generations of their people sacrifice living in factories, let's be objective here. Competition is always a good thing
  • @Herakles3116 lololol that's BS man correlation between both countries is so big that both will lose if against each other, also I'm not making pennies I make lot of money $700K in last 12 months
  • @Herakles3116 I'd be more concerned about domestic traitors who stormed our capitol versus individual investors taking advantage of the little capitalism that is ripe for picking in China. My investment % in NIO and of China represents less than 5% of my entire portfolio. The ideas that come out of you represent 100% of Trump. Its clear you live in a shell within American society as you clearly have no substance. You repeat the same old talking points that are vague and without policy and detail, a low-rate law intern would laugh at you and leave the room. As the far right love to say, you're a snowflake considering how sensitive and outraged you get at random individual investors on the Internet. Sad!
  • @Herakles3116 All the bad things in the world still won't have people ignore the fact that China has a population over 1 billion and that is a lot of demand. Demand = $$$ That's capitalism trying to tame the communist regime. Down the line, there will be a Chinese revolution. Keep the tin foil hat on.