$EMAX.X I've been holding this for a very long time with over 10bil +, been on the telegram group and seen all the hype. But if you ask anything that's not within the positive arena you get booted. Is it a scam? onlytime will tell and does look like it!! 1.Coins went missing from everyone? 2.No gradual increase in price just pumps and dumps for devs to get money for marketing? 3. Not listed on any decent exchange just the usual exchanges for no value coins 4. White paper is great but lack real business sense and even I can drum up one in a few hrs. 5. Can't sell coins as there seems to be a block of some sorts. There are a ton of other new crypto coins that seem to do a lot better than this! Devs love the show of banners and events and living the dream with money made out of these pumps. I would not recommend anyone to invest into this until there is actually something more solid with real value.
@emanu31 @HMBLman @Hermster101 lmfaooo you’re apart if one of the grandest rug pulls in the Space. At least SquidGames token has the decency to quit while they where ahead. Emax just keeps scamming poor hard workers money. Show us a screenshot of how much you hold, I bet you won’t!