$ZOM If Zomedica sells ~2,500 Truforma Units this year, it will get them cash-flow positive on the machine sales alone. . . Not including the recurring daily revenue from each machine. I have no idea what a realistic number of sales is... But there are about ~32,000 veterinary offices in the U.S.
@StoicSteve this is a look at one of our dog’s vet bills earlier this year, I believe the IDEXX T Panel is basically the same test as the FreeT4, which with Truforma is available in a 10 pack for $500. The IDEXX lab (assuming it’s one of their labs where the samples are assayed) took a week to send results to our vet. I would gladly pay the same price for same-day results. If even a moderate percentage of animal caretakers feel the same as I do, these numbers sure say a lot about Zomedica’s products’ potential.