$AAPL 🍏Repost: News Flash...”Free Speech”, is not “All Speech”. “Free Speech”, has “Constitutional Limitations”...as defined by Supreme Court decisions. Wayyyy too many posters, posting emotional...devoid of veracity. So many poster’s “loose lip comments”...cheapens our Constitution. Free Speech, is legally complex. The Individual Right, and a Corporation’s Duty to Protect their Consumers are not in conflict. Free Speech, is a “Right”. In order to protect this “Right”, there are “Constitutional Guardrails”...as set forth by SCOTUS precedent. APPLE, has a duty, to Protect the Public. Posters, are commingling concepts...A Social Media Site App being removed from Apple’s App Store...is not limiting “Free Speech”. Apple, has a “DUTY to NOT PROMOTE Apps” whose Corporate governance fails “in THEIR OWN DUTY to Protect their own Consumers”. Apple, is a “Corporate Patriot”.
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