$BTC.X $ETH.X $AMP.X If the Fed didn’t inject so much money into the system, monetize debt, bail out the unregulated shadow banking system, the government at the federal and in the state level in some cases send direct payments to individuals who in many cases turned around and speculated in risk assets, would crypto shot up to the levels it did? My gut tells me this as well as the stock markets are about to unwind in a big way. I am biased. I took the money and got what I wanted from crypto and stocks so yeah I want to see both get whacked so I can get both cheap.I’m positioned for that. I do believe the government and even financial industry want to crypto to get hosed and to an extent stocks. They see a labor shortage hurting the economy and know many are speculating instead of seeking employment using speculation as a substitute for work. They know if the put the hammer down on Binance they can really hurt crypto.