$WKHS Commercial Vehicle Group Inc (CVGI) Q2 2020 Earnings Call Transcript. Aug. 10, 2020. fool.com/earnings/call-tran... Could CVGI be referring to Workhorse? Brief excerpts from transcript: "And in this quarter, we had a big seating win with a company that's focused on using electric vehicle for last-mile delivery. Once again, we're not at liberty to say who that company is through the privacy agreements that we've agreed to,..." [Q] "...Would you say is that with the currently major existing truck provider or is that one of the newer start-up, that's kind of up and coming on the horizon?" [A] "...It is a new customer...." [A] "One of the start-ups. Yes." Presentation s24.q4cdn.com/547171439/fil... pg 9: "Multi-year, multi-million accretive win with a major electric vehicle (EV) market entrant". Hat tip @WorkhorseBeliever
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