$AYTU so been reading a lot of the comments on why sabby pulled out. Here’s my thoughts 1. Since institutions loaded up, it’ll be harder for him to manipulate this stock now. And he only got his shares for the sole purpose to short it. Now that he can’t short it, he no longer needs to be here. Also them loading up might be a sign of fda approval. Big $$$ talk to each other despite what other think. 2. Being married to someone in the fda, it’ll look like insider trading if it gets approved since he has a huge position. By being out, he won’t have to deal with all the drama. So this might be a sign that fda approval is imminent. Now if u think the opposite and that he dumped his shares cause fda won’t approve it, it’ll look more like insider trading. He’s been holding this position for months and dumps it right before rejection? Ya that won’t look good.
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