$MDXG Sent to Jack Howarth...jhowarth@mimedx... Jack... I just had to share the sentiment out here. No matter what the issue. Tim has NOT delivered. This is from the outside looking in. I am not in the trenches each day. The performance is absolutely dismal. The post above is from other shareholders that I speak with. People out here are fed up!!! Nothing really to say, except that the proof is in the market. I have lost money with the current team and have lost faith. I wish some of you would leave instead of collecting FAT salaries and benefits. At least with Pete, 3M was willing to spend $20/share. Nothing towards you personally. Unfortunately I bet on the wrong horse. Tim does NOT deserve to be at the helm (at this point). The family and friends that I put into this stock, is just EMBARRASSING!!!! Any way...Happy New Year. I hope you and your family are well. Regards,