$WKHS Heres the scoop on the USPS contract. WKHS wont be getting the whole contract. USPS already said the contract will be split up between multiple contract entrants. They are competing against Karsan/Morgan Olson, who have been a long time supplier for USPS already... They are also competing against Military Vehicle Maker OshKosh who has teamed up with Ford. WorkHorse pales in comparison to those two. The USPS contract will determine the future for WKHS. Odds are they get a small portion of the contract which will help them build out lordstown, and start building the back-orders they already have, but there will be no to-the-moon breakout here. Nothing else will make this stock jump. "They" said "as soon as the GM strike is over, TO THE MOON" and ...nothing happened.. Then they said "when we get the Lordstown plant TO THE MOON" and...nothing happened.. Its because real investors know, the survival of this company is based on their share of the USPS contract, and odds are bad.
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