$ZYNE I am not worried about the “late” release of the data any more, as the timeline is driven by the time needed to complete the LPLV, interim database lock and data unblinking and analysis. The ”late June” is not a deadline imposed by agency but more of an estimate from the company. I was a bit worried the results could be mixed because the “extra” time needed. But based on the completion of screening/enrollment announcement on 2/3 and 2/26, LPLV would be between 5/12 and 6/3. Even with 5/12 it is a very challenging task to complete iDBL and topline analysis within 6-7 weeks timeframe under COVID19 and with Memorial Day holiday. I would not be surprised even if the results are delayed a couple of days. But I believe the data is positive and it will be released tomorrow.
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