$VPER IMHO news comes tomorrow. The synergies between early Feb and early April are just too much to be coincidence. I highlighted these in circles on the chart. Notice similar candle patterns (3-4 green - one red - previously it blew up on that pattern) / accumulation at the same levels / MACD almost identical levels/ only the RSI is out of synch, but it is actually lower this time. Now it is only 62, last time it was already in the red zone before it really blew up. This has shown it can run very hot, it has held for days in the 98 range. IMHO they have set this to blow with lots of room to run. I have said all along big money is in total control of this stock based on how the accumulation has held the past 6 months. This is set to go boom, I am calling tomorrow. Also - with Farid sitting on news, and this whole move being orchestrated, I just doubt he would release major news on a Friday. I say it goes BOOM tomorrow... JMHO :-)