$TELL saying they’d resume the videos on the 13th… and not doing so without an explanation is a sign. Whether it’s a good one or a bad one is the question
@CaptainCavemann They also state it right under the last video, in the description. Many explanations... maybe he took an extended vacation and wasn't back in time... maybe he wanted a week back home before his next video... maybe it wasn't a vacation, but a deal and he's in a 'quiet' period.... maybe he's focused on expanding drilling and securing midstream partners (which he said he wouldn't be so transparent about).... maybe he got sick.... maybe he forgot............ or maybe it doesn't matter. I think we've been spoiled by his consistent communication, and now it's an expectation. Silly humans (me included). Everything is coming together pretty much as stated. Civil projects, pipeline extensions, leases, Singapore offices, congressional visits, etc. Souki said FID and notice to proceed wouldn't be for at least six months.