$NKTR Quoting another on 181 and I give it 65% chance because you never know: At long last an opiate has been designed that opium addicts will not like or desire. It will not fulfill their need for a rush. I The description by FDA seems to be exactly what NKTR has claimed the drug to be. Only in doses of 1200mg does 181 provide likeability. That is double the highest recommended dose. Even then the likeability is delayed by the slow penetration of the blood brain barrier and thereby not providing the rush that abuser is looking for. Fortunately for Nektar the committee reviewing the drug and making recommendation to the FDA is one of experts in the field (as opposed to yahoo posters) and they will understand the value and imminent need of this drug for chronic pain relief without adding more opiate addicts to the rolls. Oxycodegol, while not a complete answer, will be the absolute best drug available with the least adverse reactions available to treat debilitating chronic pain.
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