$STUDY … “I found a great value stock but rather than share it I will brag about it. Look at me i’m a genius.” Was the the point of this tweet just to boost your own ego🤦‍♂️ $SPY $QQQ $BTC.X
I've already found one recent IPO that started at $2 bil market value, been beaten down to about $300 mil market cap now, will do maybe $200+ Mil Annual Revenues, and oh they also have $200+ Mil in cash. Does this sound like a good Value to you?? They report EPS soon so it either gets cheaper or this is the floor, we'll see $STUDY
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@HonestTrades @Yoshikage 🤣🤣 I have 33k followers (you have 922) and have given more free advice on this app since 2011 than I can possibly count. You’re a Newbie in comparison The difference with me is people actually have to do a little bit of work to get it (but it’s not impossible) and I’ve never charged a dime either. So stop whining and maybe learn how to scan or something PS I am better than you #SorryNotSorry