Alright so we're still waiting on EEENF. It's been a good day so far, I knew the market wasn't going to stay at the bottom like that. Any time you swing down so far it's going to correct back up some, and it should get better as we get more news. In the mean time, I've been looking in to other companies. This one really stood out to me: $GLSI figured out how to cure HER2+ breast cancer. They've been in clinical trials for years and just recently went public back in September 2020. Out of their 12,000,000 outstanding shares, directors and ownership own about 80-90% of them according to their investor presentation, and no insiders have traded a single share so far even though they got them at $5 and it's been as high as $70. In their clinical trials, they reduced the recurrence rate of HER2+ breast cancer from 11-12% to **0%** with no adverse side effects from additional toxicity. They own their own manufacturing and patents and have multiple catalysts incoming this year. Strong hold.