$NOVN guys what do you think this is the airport? 😂 “is it gonna fly soon?”, “about to fly”— holy sht a lot of anxious people here. I said a short few WEEKS investment not a short few minutes investment 😂. some of you guys need to get a cup of tea or something I swear haha. I’m very good at what I do and I’m telling you guys you’re all here at bottom just like those who got in with me for cdev under 30 and you’re all mad anxious— calm down. maybe for some, you invested too much, maybe trim it so you’re more comfortable? but just know if your willing to wait a few weeks, you’ll see some big money with me as I close a $100-500k trade. will be watching the $1 and seeing if the gap to $3 fills in news/momentum. expecting new bottom of 70 soon after 68 breaks. then will go for .89 break and $1 and begin to fill that gap in what I see as a few weeks time frame. I alerted cdev .28, it hit 1.40 eight days later, I was the only one that saw that coming. very very big play here 🔥.
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