$DIS we have lost a year of gains in 3 weeks….. yikes…. Maybe 0.02% or lower covid death rate is worth everything shutting down and having no money to buy food for the family…..mmmm… like Trump said the cure if implemented incorrectly can be worse than disease
@HoodrichInvestor miracle did happen… vaccines are here and have made a very positive impact…. As for you stock choices…. Lolol…. Pray democrats and socialism gets thrown out before the whole market TANKS bad…. Sadly I think this is a drop another 10 bucks but I hope I’m wrong
@phdawgy "Everything I don't like is socialist!" In the case of DIS, that bounce up without breaking $150 helped. If it broke through, I think you would have seen a slide to 135 before a bump up. Depending how the market goes, hopefully $150 is the bottom here.
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