$BODY I just went through deep in the beachbody website, peeked into their offerings. All their digital offerings look decent to me and I am sure they should make margins on these unless they are reckless. I also don't understand what part is scam as some folks keep mentioning it. If it is scam why do reputable institutes like Vanguard, Fidelity invest millions in this @$10? The market is down but some of the paid comments in this forum seem very unreasonable.
@toast123 beachbody can only be purchased through a Coach who gets 25-40% of the sales price plus higher coaches get bonuses so the total “commission” is more than this. BB has always spent minimal on marketing bc they have a high volume of expense to”coaches”who aren’t actually coaches but instead typically stay at home moms often who are mostly not in shape themselves. This structure is what is holding BB down IMO bc they don’t have the budget to spend Peleton dollars on marketing . MLMpiece needs to GO before this can move forward. Check out Advocare story. FTC shut down their MLM and now they are single level commission.