$UGAZ I calculated the no you provided three times should be 8947 from there it’s obvious almost 40% decay 3.94-1.61= 2.33 =144.72% of increase in NG price from 1.61 It should increase Ugaz to 144.72x3=434.16% 434.16% of 1675=7272.18 should be the price increase only
@Hotaz @Natgasgod Look at things when UGAZ gets going. For example, all time low for NG was in March 2016 at 1.611, and UGAZ was 1675 (adjusted for splits). In December 2016, NG went to 3.994, and UGAZ was 5249 (adjusted for splits). UGAZ multiplied by more than 3 times in this timeframe. Yes, decay can look ugly when NG is struggling, but that's the last thing you'll think about when it is time for UGAZ to run. Just my 2 cents.
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