$PRPO So JJburch went on vacation to mexico where he needed armed guards(brilliant choice of vacation spots), he bought a Rolex, and a new 2022 BMW(whatever). His stock predictions suck as proven by the market. He said Ilan was keeping the price down so his friends can load up. Well Ilan if that were the case has no friends now because any bozo can buy prpo cheaper than weeks ago. If anything Burch may get lucky with a stock but his DD sucks even if he posts an infinite amount each day! Such bad advice. I wonder why he had to say his life is so wonderful this week? Maybe because he is losing his ass and life sucks for him and those who listen to him. If you read the book about investor Jesse Livermore, he preferred not hearing any outsiders opinions of the market so his thoughts wouldn’t be influenced. He found when he did listen to others it turned into a huge mistake. An infamous JJburch post. He thought short covering was a buyout 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡!JMO