$PRPO Remember the good old days? Once a stock breaks below support, their isn’t a way to know how low it will go until it reaches the next lower old support level. The same thing on the upside. Some here draw bullish trendlines at $10 and think the price is going there. If the price can’t hold above $1.00 it’s not going to $1.50 very fast or maybe not at all. I guess with that logic of the price was 60 cents awhile back that’s where it should go now. It might since the trend has been going lower. I hope support is found soon, but that is JMO not what the market is saying. On the prpo stocktwits board only Bullish posts aren’t FAKE 🤷‍♂️. All other posters are Short. Let’s see how that theory works out for some here who think that.
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