The hft might be long the warrants and short the shares so there is no short squeeze associated cause they could always convert. The want inventory so when the warrants trade at a premium (higher volatility) to the stock the sell the warrants and buy the stock. They make money both ways and are protected from a squeeze. I am long lots of both so I can do the arb either way all the time 五.
@Htoddh it may be a covered short, I've noticed the warrants at times trading cheaper than the shares and I did a lot of buying on some of those occasions. The thing is.. there are more shorted shares recently and they gonna have to be bought back at some point. It's only 2.2 days to cover so it's not that big of a deal but enough to move the stock on low volume days. All we can do is take advantage and buy on these dips. Personally I'm holding for the long play.
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