$SGBX I will vote against an RS if it is on the agenda even though I already converted my holdings to 10x. Someone asked me why I am long hold on this small company. The answer is that the idea is future proof. A lot of containers are turning up for construction because recycling them is not economically feasible. Business are waking up to container blocks and the portability of the investment only makes more sense. I wouldn't think of SGBX as a war stock - that usage pales in comparison to main street business use in terms of scale. However, I admit SGBX needs to be more innovative (IoT) if it wants to attract the likes of Amazon. I am also a long hold on $OBLN(1 in 2 US adults will be obese) and $BIOC (number of new cancer cases has only stabilized since 2015 and not decreased).
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