$CCL I would love to bear Bullish on CCL, fantastic product and service, world class customer experience and loyalty. HOWEVER, IMO, Bankruptcy coming before Aug 15th, 2021 when 2nd, MUCH more restrictive national lockdown enforced starting July 27. Good news in that CCL will stay in the $10 to $15 until range even while in bankruptcy for next few months due to retail traders "diamond hand'ing/hodl'ing" this sucka, not understanding the common shares will be liquidated as part of reorg plan.
@TheRealChuckBiscuits lockdowns aren't coming. Maybe restrictions for unvaccinated people but not lockdowns. Look at that chart! Worldwide downward trend. Look at the US and Europe barely an uptick in covid deaths. At this stage you have a better chance of dieing in an auto accident than contracting and dieing from Covid. Covid will go BK before CCL. 😆
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