@HundredairBoysClub @SPACSPACSPAC 1) you don't use technical analysis (proving your concept on the chart). 2) you use robin hood for for your large account, which is not best for large order fills and market insight. All that believes me that you are learning to trade, which is fair, as long as you are honest.
@AndrejST @SPACSPACSPAC Robinhood is simply the platform I use because it’s the one I started with and the one I’m most familiar with. I haven’t had a reason to change because it’s been working for me this far and it’s simple to understand. I’ve been trading stocks for more than 3 years now, I’m not a noob by any stretch of the imagination. I use over 20 different apps and websites to do my research and technical analysis. You don’t “still learning” yourself to being a millionaire. My account is just shy of $800,000 and I’ve only invested $30,000 of my own money. Either I’m the luckiest motherfucker on the planet or I know what I’m doing