$MTP forget the news 👇. Dont allow it to make u feel more comfortable. Why??? Bcuase u are then self programming yourself and your mood to b dependant on these "F"ers. I recommend going to the wife and asking if u have been annoying her lately. If she said yes then request her to slap u repeatedly until she feels better to numb yourself from this psychological domination u allowing these folks to have on u. Then follow the 10 step program which i depot believe i have shared with u yet. Hard copy was @ TBLT THEN SHIFTED TO VISL AND WILL MAKE SURE TO ASK THEM TO SEND IT TO U. REMEMBER TBLT=KNEE PADS, VISL=VASELINE. FINALLY SHOW YOUR WIFE THIS MESSAGE B4 U ASK OR DO ANYTHING MENTIONED ABOVE. SHE WILL SAY I LIKE THIS HUNGRY GUY "A LOT"😉
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