$AMD Reasons for AMD to go up more 1. Stock market trending up on all time high 2 AMD products have in many cases oversold their expectations 3. Product production on track for AMD 4 hype on AMD delivering ray tracing to consoles confirmed by Microsoft. Product likely priced around $600 will exceed expections in sales (my option) 4) intel has continued 10 nm delay for server market 5) Zen 3 ready to start production 6) apple phones going 5nm opening increased prodtion for 7nmplus 7)AMD managment hasnt missed a beat on their targeted product development in past 4 years and so no sence they will. 7) apu laptop 4000 series looks very compelling to take market share with lead on core count and equivelent core speeds. Intel has no answer to this for at least 6 months. 8)security flaws still hender Intel 9) intel has production line issues that are yet unresolved
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