$PPBT the fact that the March 8 conference is only 17 calendar days away and currently the participation has been cancelled but isaac informed the coordinator that he would make a final decision on whether or not to attend at a later date... it’s 17 days isaac. What exactly are you waiting on to make your final decision? And why cancel it in he first place? To me there are only a couple possibilities. 1. They are waiting to inform the coordinator of confirming their attendance because that’s predicated on monotherapy data being compiled, organized, and presentable. 2. They cancelled because they have landed a nice fat partnership AMD see no reason to go but they don’t want to give a definitive “no” as to raise any red flags. 3. The company is under an M/A and also didn’t want to raise any red flags by giving a definitive “no” It’s 17 days.. and you still haven’t released your ER. Either it’s 219 data based or there is another player. Spread the word to everyone.