$BRQS just had a chance to listen to the entire call. Evidently that is what I do on Friday nights these days. I just want to say that Goose is here to stay. You are now my brothers, my sisters, my family. Long live Borqs. Glad some tough questions were asked to Anthony. Those types of questions are important, but I do understand not everything can be publicly stated. Would certainly be nice to see revenues higher than the previous year and continue to go closer to prepandemic levels. His emphasis Higher margins for newer projects is a good sign to me that they do expect to see a greater return on their products. I do agree with the need to diversify their customer base as Reliance is 33% of their revenue stream. But from what I see, they realize that and are eager to expand their business and begin partnerships with new companies. All that being said, never forget #BRQS2URANUS 🤝