$IBIO gap up in morning! Opens at $5.30 . No matter how you slice it we will need multiple vaccines. Every vaccine manufacturing facility will be operating at full capacity! Our manufacturing facility is already worth billions and we’re ready to mass produce! What other companies offer this ? Of course when you sell you become bearish hoping for price to drop to reload more shares than what you had. I’m guilty of bashing after selling but I won’t dare sell any of my shares . To many eyes here. We could hit $12-$15 in blink of an eye. We all know it’s just matter of time . Dr. Samuels predicted that early vaccines will be useful for otherwise healthy people, but it probably will be more difficult to find vaccines that help more vulnerable patients. “The challenge is a lot more complicated than a single vaccine,” he said. “The scale of the problem alone is unprecedented. This will not be a horse race with a single winner.”
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