$IBIO Guys, (and Women, don’t cancel me), Read this please, we’re all yearning for support and someone to tell us: “Yes, you did the right thing”, but we need to heighten the critical thinking side of our brain, and keep the emotional side in check; easier said than done. FWIW, there are several very key people on this board with deep insight into our shared experience, Sam is one of them. He, and others, are giving you gifts, receive them unabashedly and share. We’ll be fine, everything just IS, don’t create false realities to frighten yourself and others. Don’t let the Lizard steal from the Wizard. WE ARE CULT, and we WILL triumph in the end.
$IBIO Today is a good day for us. We have confirmation CIADM is active. Seeing that Fuji has funding and not us just takes more waiting. And if you are tired of waiting, I feel for you. I know everyone wants, even needs, news. In psychology there’s a term known as Confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is seeking information to support your views. Seeing other companies have news when we don’t strengthens your belief that we won’t get news. It’s a bit like assuming that since you can’t physically see a million dollars it must not exist. This is faulty thinking. Practice on seeing beyond the short term. You have to think different than a typical trader or you’ll get typical results
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