@Vijo @iStillBuyiBio (1of?)these Oscillator turn "signal" turns can still take days but a slow turn is likely based on the chart. What we look for is various "rising" crosses and positive differentials action in the oscillator is divergent or "different " than the price trend on the chart (Green Lines). The fast signal line (cyan) is no above the slow line (gold and pink). Given the rather small slope of price (angle relative to horizontal) we could be in the turn a while which is healthy to for a strong accumulation base in the coming days. Likewise the low slope means we'll see barcoding that will be frustrating because we'll have action that bumps up strongly but then fades like a slow leak from a tire. I'll post the snip of the AI data and other oscillators here to help out. It's more about the art of rhyming than "pure" science reading the chart.
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